• Cholla Wood 6" Piece

The Cholla cactus (Cylindropuntia imbricata) is native to the American Southwest and Northern Mexico The remnants of these dead cactus branches result in interesting pieces of wood Cholla Wood is the perfect place for shrimp and fish fry to hide, provides good biofilm grazing & looks great in the aquarium. This wood is natural and contains no chemicals or pesticides & no cactus thorns Cholla Wood has an intricate pattern and contains little tannic acid It will float until completely saturated, so you can boil it for 10 mins or so before use which will help it to sink more quickly and remove any dust etc. Moss or plants can be attached to make it more decorative It will break down over time, taking anywhere from 6-12 months or so to do so.   Cholla is great for other fish such as plecs, small animals, birds, reptiles, hermit crabs  as well as for air plants & wood crafts etc.

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Cholla Wood 6" Piece

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